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tv   Action News 630a  NBC  July 2, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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>> investigation is underway in oakland right now after two employees are shot and killed inside a wing stop restaurant overnight. the restaurant is on lake park avenue near interstate 580 and grand avenue. do police have a suspect in custody? >> reporter: good morning. at this point oakland police tell us they are looking for at least two suspects who are responsible for the deaths of two employees of this wing stop right behind us on lake park drive. this is very close to grand lake theater to give you some perspective. it is a commercial district here. two employees shot to death. the call came in to oakland police shortly before midnight at 11:43. joining me out here now is officer watson with oakland police. two employees of wing stop shot and killed before midnight. what do we know about what
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happened? >> so far the investigation has revealed at least two suspects entered the business, had a confrontation with two employees and unfortunately employees were fatally shot and killed. what we are following up with is video surveillance, witnesses and also members of the staff that were here at the time. so this is still very much an active investigation. what i can share with you additionally is oakland police chief came out to the scene and also captain. captain is the area captain. we went to our reorganization, five area restructuring. the captain will be calling an emergency meeting with the business community here as well as the neighborhood community. it is not just about crime prevention, it is community concerns and education. >> reporter: what do we know about the suspects themselves? >> what we are looking at are two african-american men in the early 20z. we know one was armed with a gun
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and fatally shot two of the employees here at this business. >> reporter: does it seem to be an attempted robbery? >> it is unknown at this time. it is unclear what the motive was that led up to the shooting. those are some of the questions that our investigators are looking to find answers to. >> reporter: we appreciate your time this morning. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: the two people shot and killed both in their 20s and both from richmond. that is the latest from here in oakland. thank you very much. great interview there. right now at 6:32 bart workers on strike. it is day two out there. this morning no deal in the works between bart and union employees. that means no bart trains running anywhere here in the bay area. that means a rough morning commute. this morning expect a jam packed commute on the bay area roads, bridges and ferries especially from people coming in from the east bay. a hub for buses out there
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chartered by bart. commuters right now being herded on to buses at west oakland bart from four different bart stations. want to give you perspective on this. buses pick commuters up at bart stations. those buses then go to west oakland bart where passengers are then bussed over to the station in san francisco. quite the role. choppers got a live look this morning. this is what commuters are dealing with. looks like that is a bart train that is running. let's get off that shot. they were inspecting lines. no bart trains running, i should say. this is more so what commuters are really facing right now. look at the bay bridge toll plaza approach this morning. that is how it has been for at least the last hour if not more.
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bart services about 400,000 people across the bay. now those people having to find alternates. they are taking a lot of bus lanes this morning, as well. they are doing what they can. now, let's move in on4÷ fast trk to try to move through some of those toll lanes you can buy fastrak at certain stores. just checked out the website this morning and this alert is coming up saying the website and the call center not surprisingly traffic. a rough one out there all the way around. we will have continuing coverage all morning long. we will have live updates on the road conditions out there and how you can get around that mess and all of the latest details on our website. just go to head over to the bart strike resources page for a list of transit alternatives and we also
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have real time tweets all compiled together for you from all of the bay area's major transportation agencies. all you have to do is search bart resources on if you are heading out the door right now let'sñ check in with anthony slaughter. he has a look at the traffic impact on the bart strike. >> really trouble spot is in the east bay where we are seeing major slow downs not only at the bay bridge approach but all the way through emeryville and past richmond. if3v/ you are coming from antioa slow go from burg and into concord and walnut creek. another area of concern is 580. this is where we had an accident earlier. there is another accident at grant line on side. once you get past that things do
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improve. you can see from what i was talking about earlier from the richmond shot as the east shore freeway is heavy on the westbound side. the south baylics good. if i haven't covered your route this morning you are good to go. otherwise we are talking abk a hot day in the weather department. >> i'll be looking for tweets you are putting out, as well. 72 degrees right now in livermore. 66 in san jose. 60 at gilroy. you have a pocket of mild air over san jose at 66. plenty of mid 70s. you're probably not surprised to be waking up with the heat, something that might shock you when you walk out the front door we have showers over parts of the bay area. it is muggy out there. monsoonal moisture creeping all the way into the bay area located over arizona. this is a big strong ridge of
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high pressure amplified and all of the moisture wrapping around it. you might get caught under a shower or two especially on the north end of the peninsula. overall we are not seeing a lot of rain today. you will notice more clouds overhead. you will notice the muggy atmosphere. we could see dry lightning strikes. already saw a couple of those this morning. 107 degrees inland. 92 bay side. i will let you know when the heat is going to break. not anytime soon but i'll show you when coming up. it is 6:37 right now. seeking asylum. we'll tell you about the list of locations nsa leaker edward snowden is trying to eescape to. we'll have that coming up next.
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earlier today president obama is and formerer president george w. bush laid a wreath at a memorial. the ceremony wrapped up a week long tour of africa for the president and his family. wiki leaks says nsa leaker edward snowden has now applied for asylum in more than 20 different countries. snowden believed to be hiding out in the moscow airport unable to leave because his u.s. passport has been revoked.
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among the countries where snowden has applied poland, switzerland, ireland, norway and china. it is 6:41. bumper to bumper for day two of the bart strike. as we give you a live look at people lining up right now from buses at the west oakland bart station. we are going to tell you which spots are really creating the chaos. and why there is no sign of a deal in the works. in the south bay traffic starting to pick up on 10 1. things good and clear but we have major accidents on the east bay and approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. rchlths we are tracking the peak of the heat wave today. that means 105 plus degree weather. we have isolated showers and thunderstorms on the radar right now. we'll show you that and we'll tell you what is driving the wild weather, when that heat will break. your seven day forecast when
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you're watching 15 minutes of continuous news, weather and traffic on "today in the bay." breaking news. it is a reality out there. jam packed ferries, long lines for buses. bumper to bumper traffic. major backup on those bay area bridges right now. it is thick and it is getting tougher. today another day of commute chaos out there after day two of the bart strike. >> with no bart trains running anywhere 400,000 commuters have to find another way to work. many lining up for buses as you can see from a live look this morning from our chopper. this is over the west oakland bart station this morning. >> and no shocker here.
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a lot of the congestion is in the east bay for drivers making their way to san francisco. we give you a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that toll plaza snarl. >> commuters can hop aboard a bus at four east bay bart stations. then over to the station in san francisco. christie smith joins us live. day two any smoother out there? >> reporter: good morning to you. i can tell you we are getting to the busy part of the commute and it certainly shows this morning. commuters kind of a mixed bag on this one. they are glad they have a way to get into the city but getting tired of the strike and it is only day two. i have new numbers. bart has moved 20 charter buses into the city from west oakland. yesterday about this time they tell me that they had only moved about five because more people know about the buses that bart
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doubled the number of charter buses at the west oakland station from yesterday to 36 today. 76 charter buses leaving from five bart stations. some understand the union's position. for others no sympathy at all. they say this strike has gone on too long. >> have to get up earlier and the traffic is horrible right now especially getting on the bay bridge. so also have to cross. it is double as bad for me. >> i have to leave a little earlier. i appreciate that they made arranges to have charter buses but i support the unions. >> ac transit offering additional bus service today. there had been talk of a strike for their workers. that is not happening today. the other stations with charter buses, fremont, pleasanton.
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there is a bart spokes murn out here. let's say they don't reach a resolution. if he gets the clearance he would add even more charter buses tomorrow. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> let's continue our commute coverage with bob, looks like the camera is going off. we will check the traffic. anthony slaughter is here to tell you maybe how to beat the congestion. >> not only at the bay bridge toll plaza but also talking about this accident on 580 earlier. that has been cleared but another accident right at 205, a little bit past the grant line keeping things very, very slow. so if this isn't your route you definitely want to leave a little earlier as we are talking about the same situation. you will notice in the south bay things are starting to pick up on 101 northbound.
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congestion from our camera is starting to show that. i don't know if we will be able to get that camera to show you the perspective. toll plaza slow and really stop and go once you get to the bay bridge approach. also the east shore freeway still very slow as you can see. cars are actually moving. this is a different sign from what we saw just about a half hour ago. the south bay, i don't know if we will have that camera but we will see. 101 northbound into south bay in san jose you can see traffic moving smoothly. the real issue right now is 580 through livermore. otherwise if i didn't cover your route this morning you are good to go. bart is not running this morning. route. cal trans and you are encouraged to car pool. it is a lot day in the car. you may need the ac. >> or a spray bottle, whatever it takes because it is going to be scorching out there.
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my heart goes out to you if you are one of the many people in the bay area who do not have an air conditioner in your home or car. 72 degrees in livermore. you are still at 66 in san jose. welcome to the coolest point of the day. here is what we are adding to your forecast today that we didn't have to deal with yesterday. we did have humidity. today we double that humidity. lots of moisture out there. you can feel it when you walk out your front door. we are tracking showers and thunderstorms just offshore and a few isolated cells moving along the peninsula. this guy developed here along the east shore. you could be using windshield wipers today. don't go out pulling the umbrella out. we are still going to hit 107 degrees inlpd. what light showers we have it is not worth dragging out the umbrella unless you use it later to protect you from the sun.
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high pressure coming as far north as the bay area. we have a better chance for isolated thunderstorms. we are going to accumulate quite a bit. 104 in concord. 97 degrees in san jose. take a look at your city and subtract a few degrees and that is where we are headed. tomorrow we start to level out. by thursday, 4th of july staying hot. we don't know whether or not the bart strike will continue. if you did have plans on heading into the city on mass transit it is time to rethink the plans or have an alternate ready to go. friday and saturday feeling the upper 80s. they really look good. this heat has been excessive. we are going on day five of triple digit heat inland. back to you. >> thank you very much. in the south bay stepping up to help people handle this. the extreme heat having a major impact on the area in the south.
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ten centers will be open in san jose through wednesday through 8:00 a.m. until 10 p.m. they include the evergreen community centers out there. we will have a complete list for you and let you know where the cooling centers will be open for san jose on our website at new this morning police in oakland on the hunt for two men who shot and killed two employees inside a wing stop restaurant overnight. police are fanning out near the restaurant. that's where marla joins us live this morning. you just talked to police. what are they telling you? >> reporter: oakland police tell us this deadly shooting inside this wing stop right across the street is prompting an emergency meeting between police and surrounding merchants and the intierp community. police say they got the call just before midnight at 11:43.
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it closes at midnight. police arrived to find two employees, men in their 20s both from richmond just shot. paramedics could not revive the guys. officer watson tells me they are looking for at least two suspects, one armed with a gun. they are on the run this morning. she says both suspects are black and in their early 20s. i asked if there is a sign of a struggle between the employees and the suspect. she says at this point it is justc9, hard to say. >> we don't know what transpired prior to the shooting. we are looking into the possibility if it was a robbery. we can't that a confirmation at the time. we are looking at video surveillance footage from the business and from surrounding businesses in the area. >> reporter: officer watson tells me recently oakland has
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seen a decrease in robberies because of an increase of officers in various neighborhoods and because a captain has been assigned to where we are. this is like the grand lake neighborhood. and it is a commercial district. he is the one calling for this emergency meeting between businesses and the community. officer watson says the time for that meeting has not been set up as of yet. thank you very much. right now we have warning for female joggers in fremont. police say a man has been hiding in the bushes near the track at walter junior high school over the last couple of weeks. that man jumps out of the bushes and harasses female joggers. police say he runs along side the runners wisling and making noises. he doesn't make physical contact with the women and so far no
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injuries have been reported. 6:53. police departments are partnering up to crack down on celebratory gun fire this 4th of july. this morning the san francisco oakland, richmond and east palo alto police departments holding a joint news conference. shot spotter can detect and distinguish between fireworks and gun fire. anyone convicted of firing a gun into the air could face up to three years in prison. switching gears to business news now. shares in zynga higher again this morning a day after the company certainly shook up its leadership. >> investors pleased so far with the change. >> off another 11% for zynga today. any move tends to be a big move percenta agagewis
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percentagewise. on the broader markets the dow industrials are up 43 points. the nasdaq up 13. monday we were talking about former group on ceo andrew mason and hoy he moved from chicago to palo alto after being fired from the company he founded. and we said he recorded an album of business songs. he really did. that album was released this morning. ♪ if you are seeking business wisdom ♪ ♪ now don't need no mba >> he really recorded an album. you can buy it on ituness or use spotify and it is free to try out just in case you don't want to invest a lot of money. >> what is your favorite song? >> it is a whole work together. i don't agree you can pick out one particular favorite.
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>> i can't stop tapping my foot. >> nice stuff. all right. it's 6:55 right now. time to check the forecast. it's been a hot one lately. that is going to continue, as well. >> a lot of this. >> we like that good morning temperature-wise it is balmy out there. showers creeping up from the south. we will be tracking these for ayou every 15 minutes throughout the today show and tracking the temperatures as they sore to 107 degrees inland. bay side 92. 79 degrees at the coast today. let's check on the drive. anthony is a busy man this morning. >> we have been telling about the bart strikes. you can see traffic moving. it is congested this morning. a little farther south traffic moving there. this is where it typically starts to pile up. flipping sides over into the
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peninsula you'll noelttice thin moving smoothly. and that showed slowing about 5:30 this morning. that accident still causing slow downs because of a car fire there and back to grant line still an accident there. major congestion on 580. good news heading to the north bay things are good to go. you are urged to use ac transit. you can use the ferries and caltranis still running. >> ferries are running. our coverage continues now with bob. >> live at the ferry station where boats are starting to head out. is it getting better or worse now? >> reporter: the crowd is definitely gone because the san francisco bay ferry people have put more boats in service. they have had a 6:00. they had a 6:45 depart and that
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ferry is waiting to go. you have a few scraglers. they have three ferries. live look over the bay. we have one of the ferries that left not long ago. we are heading for the ferry building in san francisco. it is packed. when we talked to the ferry people they said on a normal day from here to sf you have roughly 2,500 commuters. yesterday they saw more than triple that number. looks like they are trying to have that happen again. this is about an hour ago. you can see how long it was extending from the terminal almost all the way down to scotts seafood. that line started at 5:00 this morning. within minutes there were at least 100 people in line. many hoping this strike comes to
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an end soon. how long will your commute be? >> it will be about three hours. >> reporter: normally? >> a little over two. >> reporter: how are you doing? >> i'm tired. >> really grateful for the ferry here. it is a great ride. what a contrast to bart. >> reporter: are you a convert? >> well, unfortunately, logistically doesn't work on a regular basis. >> we might try it on weekends, though. >> reporter: that's what we have been hearing people love to ride on the ferry but unfortunately not convenient for regular commutes. they would love the people at bart to get back up and running. if you need more information go to our website, reporting live here in oakland, "today in the bay." >> we'll have continuing coverage of that bart strike and live updates on the road conditions out there. we will have the latest
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information on our website, head on over to the resources page for a list of transit alternatives. good morning. fallen heros, new details emerging about the 19 brave firefighters killed in arizona as mourners pack an emotional memorial service. this morning, the wife of one of the victims tells of her husband's final moments. new this morning, president obama heading home from africa after a rareublic appearance along side former president george w. bush as the first ladies dish on life in the white house. >> there are prison elements to it, but it's a nice prison. and cosmo not. an unmanned russian rocket nose dives moments after launch and explodes into a massive fireball.


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